Hire blockchain experts.


A Chain Ops team is dedicated to your project, in autonomy or in support of your internal Blockchain team.

Our mission

Network design and deployment

The Chain Ops team designs and develops your infrastructure and a blockchain network.

Smart-contracts development

We support your teams in app design and smart contracts deployment.

Data science, oracles and wallets 

Complex systems design, artificial intelligence, modeling, encryption and signatures

Our Blockchain expertise

Our favorite playground


  • Carbon accounting 
  • Smart grids
  • Proof of impact
  • Data valuation
  • Decentralized governance



  • Smart-Contracts quality
  • Goods traceability
  • IoT integration
  • Governance multi-stakeholders


  • Real estate
  • Tokenization
  • Nudge and micro-finance
  • STO and DAO

Our offer

A tailor-made blockchain expertise.

An autonomous Blockchain team

The team is autonomous, driven by the customer and integrated into its organization.

Full-time on your project

The team is only dedicated to one project in order to be focused on the client’s issues.

For a customized period

The duration of the accompaniment is defined with you to the nearest week (6 weeks minimum).

Our garantees 

We use only Open Source technologies supported by the largest community of industries, companies and experts, and provide secure and untrusted transactions between all companies, sharing a single valuable network.


No hidden costs, our technologies are open source 


Solutions adopted by major industry players


Committed to a collaborative and ethical approach


of partners and business experts with high added value


A requirement that is at the heart of all our services


An honest and direct relationship, for effective delivery

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