Studio Blockchain 

Your blockchain innovation Lab

Blockchain is a transformative technology. Build your turnkey blockchain project factory to transform your industry and become a leader

We provide you with staff, methodology, blockchain private network and tools to create a use case factory to take technology advantage.


Large companies with many subsidiaries that need to leverage value and assets exchange


need to invest in radical innovation to create sustainable models and disrupt their industry 


VC and investment funds that want to transform their business portfolios with blockchain technology


Accelerators and Innovation labs that whant to integrate a blockchain know how to value their community projects

Your transformation goals

We help you to understand blockchain technology, implication on your business value proposition, market trends, low signals, and define the production goals.

You’ll need a team

We help you to identify or recruit key people to keep your lab on track. We train them to our design methodology and give them the tools to manage and deliver on time blockchain projects. Once you have the team, we help you to find and design a great space to install them.

From Pizza to products

Once settled, your blockchain factory can then take a “Pizza Team” (From 6 to 12 pserson) and drive them through a product design and production process

All the tools you need

Our studio blockchain also comes with the processes and tools for inspiration, ideation and experimentation. Ou a complete toolbox include : 

Lean Blockchain

a proven methodology using design thinking, lean blockchain, design sprint, agile methods, and test driven development

Mealy Blockchain

a permissioned blockchain network ready to use with a rapid prototyping smart contract

Dev Blockchain

On demand design and development resources to complete the team skills and deliver quickly a valuable project.

Blockchain [people] Network

Regular interaction with an ecosystem of experts promotes the inspiration and challenge of internal ideas.

We help teams to identify valuable actors in the local (and global) ecosystem and make them intervene through the Lab. They can be companies (innovative start-ups, large groups, etc.), entities from various sectors of economic, design and technological research laboratories… exposing feedback or studies

We also encourage the team to create regular meetings to animate the community by exchanging for example on :

  • Product success or failure
  • Innovation practices (processes, tools…)
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology

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