Dev Blockchain

A community of experts and developpers to accerate your blockchain projects. 


We deliver on demand skills to design, code and make your blockchain project evolve over time. Our approach include training for your team and recruitment assistance.


We help you to start your blockchain project by training your team on the go and recruiting the good people to take over the developpments.


We provide the teams to kickstart projects for accelerators, innovation labs, or even startup studios. Then, we help to recruite the project tream to run the business. 


A blockchain project is often an industrial group project. We help you recruit technical people and provide all the methodology and tools to lead them to success.

Find a problem to solve

Blockchain mentors

Our mentor are here to make your team inderstand the blockchain and define the impact it can have on your business. We created different teaching aids to progressively drive them from  vague understanding to disruption project leader.

Projects managers

Our projects manager use lean blockchain approach to drive your team to success. They act as mentor to make yout team level rise to autonomy whyle running the blockchain project. We are business driven : we look for value creation before the technology pushing. That’s why we select your project manager that know better your business to make leverage on the blockchain technology to take positions on your market.


Design a solution

Product Owners

Our products owners are involved in the different stages of the solution building. They help you to ideate on the problem solving, define the users personna, usage senarii, select key functionnalities and interview real peaple to prove hypothesis even before starting to design. They drive then the product evolution from design to production…


We think design play a huge role in product adoption. That’s why we provide our clients with a large community of designers able to place the project in the customer brand context and make it fit in its organization. Design integrators and graphist can then make simple tu use and beautiful products.

Build and Run your solution

Architect developpers

Our architect developpers are not only able to define the code engineering, approproate technology and the right stack of tools to use, but they also build the fabric to produce your application and meke it evolve over time. They provide teh perfect environnement for the product owner to run its senarii.

Backend developpers

Backend developpers make the link between your functional needs and the blockchain network. They code the business rules (including IA and machine learning algorythm) and the smart contracts to make the blockchain netwok operate your solution. They provide front-end developpers all the api needed to deliver a perfact user experience.

Front end developpers

Front-end developper work together with backend developper and designer do provide the expercted user interface and user experience. These interfaces can of course be web, mobile, vocal, VR, etc… 



Build your network 

Network designers

Our core business is designing Blockchain networks. Our blockchain architect help you to define the right network structure to meet your project expectation. The blockchain design include consensus definition, stakeholder incentive protocol design, crypto-asset usage (or not), ledger structure, data storage, network security design, certificate autority management, sub-chanel deployment automation, etc…

Chain Ops

After desiging your network, well… you need to build it. Our experienced team is here to help you on the network construction. We developped a set od tools that make network implementation and production maintenance deployment more easy. Alle these tools are shared with your teams to reach entire autonomy.

Development as a service

More than ressources, we also have methodology and tools to drive your blockchain project to success.

Blockchain Studio

we can provide you with the organization and tools packaged to create a blockchain innovation lab. A ready tu use blockchain projects fabric.

Lean Blockchain

a proven methodology using design thinking, lean blockchain, design sprint, agile methods, and test driven development to guide your teams.

Mealy Blockchain

a ready to use blockchain with a custom universal smart contract that will make very easy to release your blockchain project developments.

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