Chain Ops

We design and operate enterprise blockchains, from MVP to scale.

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Blockchain POC We help your team to deliver a POC to secure an ICO or an MVP to prove blockchain value for your business.

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Private blockchains We design blockchain and governance to secure and scale-up business transactions on your value network.

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Shared network Make economy of scale and network effect by connecting your value network to others.

Our mission

ChainOps is a blockchain network operator. Our mission is to provide you a Blockchain infrastructure to design your applications and scale them.

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Create blockchain architectures and applications for enterprises.

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Drive customer infrastructures to production on private or shared networks.

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Control transaction costs, optimize performance and reduce infrastructure costs.

Our solution

Your partner from design to scale « From prototype to production, we will drive your project to success. »


Our "Lean Blockchain" methodogy help you to define the projets, ideate, define and specify your blockchain MVP.



We use lean developpement to ensure you the flexibility to adapt your user story according to your market discovery.



Our infrastructure allows you to start using your MVP from day one on a "Test net" and continuous delivery on your production network.



We train your team to be autonomous and give them all the tools to scale the network keeping high performences.


Our favorite business cases

Blockchain is game changing for all activities governed by contracts, requiring a trusted third party and traceability.

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  • Unification of heterogeneous processes

  • Increased data exchange

  • Cost reduction

  • Better patient experience.

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Supply chain

  • Batch tracking and traceability services

  • Authentication of goodss

  • Blocking counterfeits

  • Conflict reduction

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  • Simplification of regulations

  • Improved liquidity

  • Increased transparency

  • New products/markets

Our Team

Your partner from design to scale. « We offer training and development services to your team and help them to create a sustainable blockchain »

Mathieu Pesin

CEO Entrepreneur numérique, spécialiste data.

Nicolas Merle

Founder Designer de modèles d’innovation et expert BlockChain.

Luc Yriarte PhD

Architecte développeur expert Hyperledger.

Zinedine Hasni

Devops 42, Expert Hyperledger

Jérémie François PhD

Lead Développeur Développeur sénior spécialiste IoT et mécatronique.

Luca Rotoni

Directeur BU Software Professional Services et Ventes


« We are lean, able to adapt to your needs ».

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StartupsAffordable MVP to secure your ICO

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EnterprisesA strong offer from POC to scale.

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Smart-cityA complete ecosystem which integrates technical solution and governance.


Open Source technology supported by a community of industries, businesses, and experts. It provides secure trustless transactions between all companies, sharing a same valuable network.

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An open source project supported by the Linux Fondation

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Adopted by major players in various industries

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To contribute to the projects

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Open, active and global

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Of the blockchain technology

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Of the transaction costs


We are open to listen your blockchain project whatever its stage and maturity. We love talking about how the Blockchain will impact the world and we look forward to discover with you the opportunities they will bring to your market.

Feel free to contact us using this form or via the social networks.